General commodity trading

If you are a retailer or wholesaler and wish to sell "Taburō Kōbō" products,
we accept the products listed in our homepage "Product List".
If you wish, please contact us by phone or using the inquiry form.

Made-to-order product trading

At Taburō Kōbō, we manufacture various custom-made products according to the customer's request.
We will propose plans tailored to various situations such as OEM production, promotional items and corporate souvenirs.

OEM production

We consistently manufacture, package, and deliver original items such as your brand and characters.

Promotional items / free gifts

We carry out everything from proposals to production and delivery of original items for sales promotion.
We will make proposals according to the plan such as budget, quantity, delivery date.
So far, it has been used by a wide range of customers such as beverage manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

Corporate souvenirs / gifts

We also carry out important milestone celebrations and souvenirs such as company and school founding souvenirs, long-term service souvenirs, retirement souvenirs, logo marks and personalization.
As various gifts, we will respond to customer requests such as budget, quantity, delivery date.

Inquiry to delivery process
Contact Us

Please call or use the inquiry form.


Please let us know your usage, budget, quantity and delivery date.
Also, please tell us a simple content such as the image of the product.


We will guide you through the design proposal, estimate, and schedule based on the content received from the customer.

Sample creation

Please make a sample from the proposed products and check the final image.


After confirming the sample, we will formally place an order and start product creation.
At that time, we will confirm the final estimate, delivery date, delivery destination, transaction conditions, etc.


After the product is completed, we will inspect and pack it under our own management.

We will deliver it to the designated place.

Production example (honorific title omitted)
  • One Piece x Edo Kiriko

  • Fate/Grand order x Edo Kiriko

  • Shoten x Edo Kiriko

  • Sapporo
    Premium Yebisu Beer x Edo Kiriko

  • Meiji
    Melty Kiss x Edo Kiriko

  • JAL
    Rugby "JAPAN World Cup" VIP Gifts

  • Cosmo Koki Co., Ltd.
    60th Anniversary of Founding Edo Kiriko "Checkered Crest" Old Glass Pair

  • Athena Co., Ltd.
    50th Anniversary of Founding Edo Kiriko "Fifty Striped Crest" Old Glass Pair

  • Hotel Okura Tokyo
    Opening souvenir Edo glass original glass

  • Sapporo
    Premium Ebisu Beer x Edo Glass

  • ANA Selection x Edo Glass

  • Nihon University Faculty of Dentistry
    100th Anniversary Sculpture Glass "Sakura Crest" Glass

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